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The Extended Snickers Commercials of Mr.T (Full Version) 214478 views
2:7 Full Credits to: Mr.T Snickers *Note* I do not own these videos, but I want to improvise them as the snickers commercial from Mr.T himself. Everybody knows t...
Snickers Mr T - Speedwalker July 08 997350 views
0:31 Mr T is back, badder than ever! He's comin to get ya fool!
Mr T Snickers commercial 3095326 views
0:32 www.getsomenuts.tv.
Mr. T / Snickers Helicopter and Pool Advert: Mr. T is Back! 429717 views
0:42 Mr. T and Snickers are back. Bigger, better and badder than ever.
Mr. T's Banned Snickers Commercial 121295 views
0:32 Speed walkers beware of Mr. T.
Snickers More Nuts - Mr T Push Up 47976 views
0:11 Watch our new Mr T TV ad for the More Nuts Snickers bar. For more info visit: http://www.getsomenuts.tv.
Snickers Mr Bean TV advert - Subtitled 5846384 views
1:11 Check out the new Snickers TV ad where Mr Bean demonstrates that you're not Kung Fu when you're #hungry.
Mr. T Snickers Commercial BACKWARDS! 764 views
0:32 When you watch stuff backwards its a whole new video...
Snickers - Mr T 100425 views
0:29 This made me laugh, the return of Mr T and still looking good in a tank for this Snickers spot created by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO. Not least because it laug...
MGS: Peace Walker - Mr. T Snickers Commercial! 5476 views
0:36 Mr. T appears as a boss in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and lets Snake know he's a crazy fool. Programs used: iMovie, Adobe Flash CS3, Adobe After Effects ...
Mr. T Snickers Commercial With A-Team Theme!! 20825 views
0:54 Mr. T Snickers Commercial With A-Team Theme!!
MLG Snickers Commercial Ft xXcashmoneyjamesXx And Mr.T 71 views
1:0 Tihs iz miey firstest mlg uplaod so plz hate.
Mr.T saves Private Ryan - Snickers Style 38965 views
0:37 Funny snickers commercial of saving private Ryan.
Mr. T Snickers - Saving Private Ryan Re-Mix V.2 24699 views
0:36 This is the newer version of my original Snickers SPR re-mix - WITHOUT the cursor. I appreciate it's copyright but hey, it's just a bit of fun and if it make...
Mr. T describes the new Snickers commercial 5444 views
1:11 Mr. T provides some commentary on the new Snickers Get Some Nuts commercial.
Mr T - Snickers Advert - Swimming Pool 7083 views
0:30 Mr T Swimming Pool Snickers Advert.
Snickers Mr T Commercial Funny 146 views
0:34 Watch as hungry Kung Fu Master Cheung reaches new lows in this epic high kick contest. #hungry.
Snickers Mr Bean - High Kick 1218659 views
1:5 A recreation of this commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NySN_plfiNI Done in the WarRock game.