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3:56 Full Credits to: Mr.T Snickers *Note* I do not own these videos, but I want to improvise them as the snickers commercial from Mr.T himself. Everybody knows that Mr.T has been pitying...
Mr T Snickers commercial 3109598 views
0:32 Mr T is back, badder than ever! He's comin to get ya fool!
Snickers Mr T - Speedwalker July 08 1010258 views
0:31 Mr. T and Snickers are back. Bigger, better and badder than ever.
Mr. T / Snickers Helicopter and Pool Advert: Mr. T is Back! 433661 views
0:42 Speed walkers beware of Mr. T.
Mr. T's Banned Snickers Commercial 122998 views
0:32 Check out the new Snickers TV ad where Mr Bean demonstrates that you're not Kung Fu when you're #hungry.
Snickers Mr Bean TV advert - Subtitled 6386894 views
1:11 Watch our new Mr T TV ad for the More Nuts Snickers bar. For more info visit: http://www.getsomenuts.tv.
Snickers More Nuts - Mr T Push Up 49093 views
0:11 For more Entertainment watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_uiPRsAw2cc You're familiar with the joke at this point. Someone is super hungry, turns into a celebrity, eats a Snickers...
Mr Bean Kung Fu Master Assassin - Snickers Adverts Compilation (HD) 741055 views
4:9 Mr.T travels back to war time France to let Tom Hanks know he's a crazy fool. I know it's copyrighted, it's just a bit of fun! Made with iShowU, After Effects and Final Cut Pro. Creation...
O'Reilly Interviews Mr. T About Snickers Commerical 235556 views
5:5 Eric Haubert, WNWO 24 Sports Anchor cracks up over Mr. T Snickers ad.
Mr. T Snickers ad - Sports Anchor Cracks Up 78391 views
0:59 Mr. T appears as a boss in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and lets Snake know he's a crazy fool. Programs used: iMovie, Adobe Flash CS3, Adobe After Effects CS5. Here's my inspiration...
MGS: Peace Walker - Mr. T Snickers Commercial! 5625 views
0:36 Mr.T I Pitty the fool.
Bill O'Reilly: Mr. T Snickers tv ad banned 08/06/08 21268 views
5:1 Listen up suckas, I'm back and I'm teaching more fools some basic man rules... My new TV ad is almost ready. So don't you go too far fools, or you'll make me MADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.
Snickers & Mr. T are back - getsomenuts.tv 140070 views
0:22 Tihs iz miey firstest mlg uplaod so plz hate.
Snickers Mr T Commercial Funny 270 views
0:34 Mr. T Snickers Commercial With A-Team Theme!!
MLG Snickers Commercial Ft xXcashmoneyjamesXx And Mr.T 119 views
1:0 When you watch stuff backwards its a whole new video...
Mr. T Snickers Commercial With A-Team Theme!! 21015 views
0:54 Mr. T drives a tank into a soccer field and tells one of the players to get some nuts.