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The Extended Snickers Commercials of Mr.T (Full Version) 188061 views
2:7 Full Credits to: Mr.T Snickers *Note* I do not own these videos, but I want to improvise them as the snickers commercial from Mr.T himself. Everybody knows t...
Mr T Snickers commercial 3075940 views
0:32 www.getsomenuts.tv.
Snickers Mr T - Speedwalker July 08 979024 views
0:31 Mr T is back, badder than ever! He's comin to get ya fool!
Mr. T / Snickers Helicopter and Pool Advert: Mr. T is Back! 423201 views
0:42 Mr. T and Snickers are back. Bigger, better and badder than ever.
Mr. T's Banned Snickers Commercial 118292 views
0:32 Speed walkers beware of Mr. T.
Snickers More Nuts - Mr T Push Up 34881 views
0:11 Watch our new Mr T TV ad for the More Nuts Snickers bar. For more info visit: http://www.getsomenuts.tv.
Mr.T Snickers Commercial - WarRock version 141672 views
0:42 A recreation of this commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NySN_plfiNI Done in the WarRock game.
Bill O'Reilly: Mr. T Snickers tv ad banned 08/06/08 20848 views
5:1 Mr.T I Pitty the fool.
Mr. T describes the new Snickers commercial 5360 views
1:11 Mr. T provides some commentary on the new Snickers Get Some Nuts commercial.
Mr. T Snickers Commercial 1251 views
0:31 Mr. T drives a tank into a soccer field and tells one of the players to get some nuts.
MGS: Peace Walker - Mr. T Snickers Commercial! 5259 views
0:36 Mr. T appears as a boss in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and lets Snake know he's a crazy fool. Programs used: iMovie, Adobe Flash CS3, Adobe After Effects ...
Snickers Mr T Commercial Funny 49 views
0:34 Mr. T Snickers Commercial With A-Team Theme!!
Mr. T Snickers Commercial With A-Team Theme!! 20375 views
0:54 Mr T talks about instruction manuals.
Mr T Snickers Radio Advert 41393 views
0:31 Mr T's CTV camera's spotted this fool with his jeans slung too low. That fool needs to Get Some Nuts! If you've gotta friend who needs to Get Some Nuts, go t...
Snickers - Mr T CTV - Street Fool 16358 views
0:50 Audio from a Mr. T snickers commercial. I don't own anything. All Kingdom Hearts clips from kh-vids.net.
Axel as Mr.T : Snickers 139 views
0:34 Funny snickers commercial of saving private Ryan.
Mr.T saves Private Ryan - Snickers Style 37780 views
0:37 This is the newer version of my original Snickers SPR re-mix - WITHOUT the cursor. I appreciate it's copyright but hey, it's just a bit of fun and if it make...
Mr. T Snickers - Saving Private Ryan Re-Mix V.2 24277 views
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